About Varnetta Thomas

A Christian Minister from 1982 until present, Varnetta is dedicated to the spiritual growth of the Christian Church. She has been a follower of Jesus Christ from her youth and attributes her development and spiritual growth to the directions of the written Word of God and the Holy Spirit.


Through fervent study of the Word and by following the directions of the Holy Spirit, Varnetta developed as a disciple of the Word, a Christian Entrepreneur, and a Scribe. Varnetta Thomas has also held several leadership positions in many churches.


The Coordinator for Upper Room Ministries; Youth Church Director and Bible School Teacher; Adult Bible Class Teacher; Christian Education Officer; Church Announcer; Coordinator for the Intercessors for Hope; Telephone Minister and Counselor for the Christian Broadcast Network/700 Club in Chicago.

By the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Varnetta Thomas was led to develop Varnetta Thomas Ministries, Inc. and Word Alive Publishing in 1989. In that same year the Lord revealed to Varnetta that He had called her to the Office of a Prophet. The Lord revealed that he would teach her by His Spirit and put into her what she needed. Through the years Varnetta has written many books and preached various topics which expound the truth concerning the Heavenly Father, Jesus the Son of God, the Holy Spirit, and the kingdom of God. These ministry books and recordings are used as teaching tools to help others develop their spiritual skills by the Word and Spirit of God.


Through these various teaching materials Varnetta Thomas strives to teach the truth concerning living a successful Christian life that is pleasing to our wonderful Heavenly Father and God (Matthew 3:17).

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